Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Things You Can Make With Old Denim Jeans

Your old jeans have a story.  You gave them life and in return, they gave you years of comfort and experience.  Don't let their story just end there. At Himane Sustainable Designs we give your old denim a new life purpose.

Denim fabric is one of the few things in life that actually looks and feels better as it ages and, unlike other textiles, denim never falls out of fashion. As a result of its timeless style, used denim, in the form of old jeans, is an inexpensive and easily available craft supply for just about everyone.

If you don't already have an old pair of jeans languishing in the back of your closet, collect a few pairs from your friends and family for free, or buy a stack of them at a charity shop or garage sale for less than $10. In my case since I am in Haiti for now, I purchased my denims at the second hand clothes market that arriving here by containers.  With a little planning and creativity, one pair of jeans can be cannibalized into more than one project. Even the grungiest jeans can be turned into something lovely, as spots and holes can be cut out.
The web is full of idea use it or create your one just like my handbags collection.

Note: The handbags are from my collection and the other items used here are from the internet. Feel free to click on the pics for more info.


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