Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Still Here and Moving Forward.

Hello everyone, I have not posted anything on my blog for almost two years and I am deeply sorry.
So much had happened in my life since. I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy, who is lovely, charming, cute and amazing for his young age.
I know you guys will say: ' All mothers do say the same thing about their child", seriously, believe me he is an amazing child. The other day he came back from daycare and after giving me my usual wet kiss and hug he told me "mommy am big boy in house" I laughed so hard that I cried.  Mind you this is a child who is not 3 years yet and his father is not in our lives. Isn't he amazing or what?
I have been in Haiti for a while now traveling back and forth as my son was born here just like me.

What have I been doing since I am here? A lot!!!
I worked with people who have nothing or was injured during the earth quake, young kids/teenager, adults on recycling program around the country and I am pleased with the results mostly with the kids.

I wont be posting anything about my work now, but wanted to show you another face of my beautiful country, Haiti.

Some different pictures around Haiti from the West side, South East and the North.

South East, Jacmel

Moulin sur Mer, North

Miragoane, South side

From My garden, West

From my garden,  West

Leogane, Region des Palmes

Leogane, Region des Palmes

Leogane, Region des Palmes

Leogane, Region des Palmes

South road

Moulin sur mer, North

Jacmel, South East

Marigot in Jacmel, South East

Jacmel, South East

See you later! Thank you for reading.

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