Friday, September 27, 2013

Designer Rick Owens Fashion Week in Paris.

Rick Owens Hires Competitive Step Team To Replace Waifish Models [Video]
Fierce women shoulder their way to the stage for Fashion Week in Paris.
Instead of having to watch yet another stick-thin model glide down the runway at this year’s Fashion Week in Paris, Rick Owens decided to blow people away with a troupe of step team dancers who quite literally shook the stage.
According to a tweet from Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo, the dance team was brought in from the US, and they weren’t there to blend in to the background either. The dancers made sure to put on their most intimidating faces, stomping down the runway and leaving no doubt in the audience’s mind that they were brimming with confidence.
rick-owens-fashion-week-step-dancers Modelling the designers Spring 2014 collection, it also made a refreshing change that these models had the kind of body you would expect to find on a real woman. The demonstration also made sure to crush recent discussions around lack of diversity and race on the runway.
You won’t be able to fully understand just how powerful these women are without watching the video:

Source and link:                                     Thanks to Ross Brooks a freelance writer from the UK for the article. 

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