Saturday, June 15, 2013

Eating Healthy on Vacation!

Whow, It has been a while since I last wrote anything. Almost a year now.
Maybe you wonder why??? Well, I went to a lot of changes but I am still recycling for sure.

Today's blog wont be about fashion and design but about "Eating Healthy on Vacation" I am posting it at a request of another dear blogger friend name Cole. Being a frequent traveler Cole wrote this post to help us all on how to eat healthy when  we are away from home.

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Eating Healthy on Vacation
Travel can cause stress, which, in turn, can cause overeating. Exotic and high calorie foods you encounter during travel can tempt your palate too, but a vacation doesn’t have to sabotage your healthy habits and weight loss goals. Healthy eating on vacation involves portion control and wise food choices just like it does when you’re at home. A little pre-planning and attention to nutrition combined with exercise can keep you from gaining additional pounds during your next out of town trip.
When flying
When traveling by air, fill up on a healthy meal prior to arriving at the airport to prevent the purchase of fatty or high calorie foods during your journey. Pack light snacks including dried fruit and nuts to sustain you during long flights and help you avoid fattening alternatives. During layovers, select nutritious foods like salads, fruit, and baked or grilled chicken. Keep active at the airport also by taking the stairs and carrying your bags instead of using the escalators and wheeling your luggage. In addition, stroll around the airport while waiting for your connecting flight.
Finding the right hotel
Find a health-friendly hotel that features amenities like a gym or pool that will allow you to exercise during your stay. Often times determining these amenities can be difficult because hotels can be misleading to draw in business. Consumer reviews tend to be the most unbiased form of information. I took a recent trip out west and stumbled upon a great site that listed reviews for Las Vegas hotels regarding their amenities and services, the restaurants, and things to do in the area. The help of these reviews made it so easy to stay healthy even in the buffet wasteland.
For additional fitness opportunities, look for lodging near a park, golf course or other recreational venue. Once you check in, refuse the minibar key to resist the temptation to binge. At breakfast, choose nutritious foods like oatmeal, low fat yogurt and hard-boiled eggs. Remove the egg yokes to reduce fat and cholesterol content, and opt for whole grain or whole-wheat toast. Pack instant soups and oatmeal that you can fix with hot water from a coffee maker too.
Eating out at restaurants
View restaurant menus online prior to leaving the hotel to make sure the place you select offers healthy options. To avoid overindulging in bread or appetizers during your meal, eat an apple or banana prior to leaving the hotel. Choose seafood restaurants for lean, healthy proteins or an Indian restaurant for vegetarian fare. Indulge in baked, boiled, broiled, roasted and grilled entrees along with whole wheat, multi-grain and high fiber bread. For vegetables, select steamed, roasted or stir-fried options. Avoid fried, basted, and battered entrees plus breaded, buttered, loaded or stuffed side dishes. Reduce your caloric and fat intake further by removing the skin from chicken and meat. In addition, when choosing side dishes opt for green vegetables rather than starches. Avoid gravies and heavy cream sauces. In general, avoid white and beige foods, which tend to be high in both calories and fat. For dessert, limit yourself to fruit cups or fruit salads and puddings or custards, which contain calcium and protein.
Following these very simple guidelines can ensure that you come back from vacation feeling just as great as the day that you left!
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