Monday, November 19, 2012


I have been quiet for a little while now and I know some of you were asking where I was or what I have been up to!!!
I have been a little busy, working on doing some great improvements all the way.

Now that said, I do hope all of you were safe during Sandy and my heart went towards the people on Red Hook, Rockaway, Breezy Point, New Jersey, Staten Island and Long Beach. I know some places are still without power to this day and it is heartbreaking.
 I was without power, internet and phone for close to 12 days, what about you?
Another question during those long days when you could not go to the internet, what did you do to keep yourself busy?
Since I am now living very close to nature ( my element, so inspiring), lot of trees and branches were everywhere so my inspiration went a little wild.
I decided to use those branches and turn them into buttons so I can incorporate them in my new bags collection.

 Some of the tree branches I used to make for my buttons.

Quick pic of the Sandy buttons collection.

This week is Thanksgiving for those of you who will be celebrating, please do remember those who are alone and have nothing and if you are traveling, be safe and be careful. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
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