Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Umbrella vs. NewsPaper Totes

Looking at the amount of old magazines and newspaper I have on top of all the junk mail I received weekly in my mail box, I wanted to try something new.
With my Junk mail I have been making buttons for my jackets and for my bags since October 2011. The process is very easy and a little bit challenging. To test the stability of the buttons I had to let them sit in water for 2 days just to see if something will happen. Nothing, Yes, so it was a go. I was thinking that I just need another way to make them look all fine and better.

These past few weeks I started making my Totes with all those News Paper, combine with the umbrellas and I can tell you that the results are stunning. I was so pleased. I took the bag with me a couple of times and the amount of interest I have is super remarkable. Of course I will let you judge by yourself and feel free to leave any comments. Thank you.

A combination of Recycled newspaper, cover with resin and discarded umbrellas. 
Fully lined with organic cotton with inside pockets.

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