Thursday, April 26, 2012

Haiti-Leogane, 150 women for the sewing training!.

Hello again from Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

As you maybe aware, it has been raining non stop for  two (2) days and more rain is on the way. I am very sad because a few people have lost their lives and also I am thinking about those living under the tents with no option whatsoever.
I have not been able to focus because I only have them in mind. I feel so powerless! I just wish things were different and I can just have a big place for all of them when the raining season is around. What to do?  What to do? Please help me to help them!

While in NY I was put in contact with an organization  here in Haiti but they are based in Leogane, a town located on Rte. National #2 going towards the South of the country. Early on Saturday morning I hit the road with my younger brother and the driver so I can get there at 10:00 am which was the time of my appointment with the ladies.
The president/founder of the organization is a Haitian woman who was living in the states for over 30 years, now back to her home town way before the earthquake to help those in need. She formed a Non profit organization called NEGES Foundation ( and a community Mon Petit Village (My little Town) where you can find almost practically everything. Please visit the site to learn more.
For the past few years the founder, Mrs Yolaine Gateau Esposito was able to build schools, herbs garden, restaurant, providing work for the families so they can help and support themselves, she is still doing so much and I am so proud to have been in contact with her.

The reason of my meeting with her: she have a group of 150 women interested in learning on how to sew and be able to make school uniforms and start on recycling to create items. Those women have no basic skills whatsoever, so I will need to start for the ground up and I am so ready. This is a great project and I am so looking forward to it.

Sharing a few pictures with you.
In the road to Leogane

Arriving at Mon Petit Village, Leogane

View of the Guest house and part of the area.

The building of the Restaurant

The schools

Part of the land, awaiting for some work.

The building of the Holistic house and treatment center.

The cultural house with the Haitian VEVE in the wall

Inside of the cultural house, a VEVE wall

From left to right: Deena Kolbert from Manhattan, Lisel Burns from Brooklyn and the lady herself Mrs. Yolaine Gateau Esposito

With the ladies.

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