Thursday, January 12, 2012

Your Waste Materials!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. Did you take time to make a wish or set a goal again this year? Not me, I decided not to do so and just let things flow and take it one day at a time.

Throughout the years, clients I used to work with had left so much stuff (fabrics, clothing) behind and most of them items that I cannot and wont be able to use in my line of work, so I decided to donate them as I hate throwing things away. Such a waste!
After I was done with my cleaning with a total of 6 bags I started to make a few calls to some companies that so far said they will collect materials.
Big surprise and some disappointment on the way.
The first one told me that the total of the materials need to be worth at least $1500.00 and as for fabrics each roll need to have 3 to 5 yards.Really? Are you kidding me or what?
The second one told me that I need to take pictures of everything I am ready to donate, wrote the quantity of yards per material and email to them, then they will review and see if it is worth to be collected. Really?
After the third one I said no more. I sincerely could not believe that madness and was so disappointed, frustrated and all.
So why is it so hard for a company to collect 6 bags of  materials? As donation!!!!

While calling those places and after listening to them, I had to share a little bit of what I do for living and about my work. I go and collect most of my materials, whether it is via Freecycle, other designers studio, people who are donating unwanted materials, I do not ask them to send me pictures of their items first, or asked them the worth of their total donation (it is a donation for God sake!) I just go and collect them. Most fabrics from the factories, whether they are getting rid of them or not unless it is scrap I do have to pay for them. Nonetheless I am very proud and happy to re-purpose. I love to recycle because it is a great way to help putting our landfills in a tough diet.
 I use to wonder why people around Park Slope leave boxes sometimes full of clothes, shoes outside or why they just hang them around their gates, why not call the Salvation Army or those Waste collectors to  have them picked-up? Maybe they give them the same turn around they gave me. Sorry folks, I wont criticize any longer, I do understand better now.

I am and still will continue using discarded umbrellas, recycled materials in my work because for me it is the right thing to do. I wish I had  enough money, a bigger studio and people working with me so I can collect and recycle more materials. We are living in a society where everything is disposable, we will have waste for a while, but if we can try to recycle as much as we can it will make a big difference.

All that to tell you that I am so grateful to Build It Green NYC (visit their website. located in the Gowanus. They will collect the bags at my studio and bring them to Materials of the Art. Yeah. So wonderful. Those babies will be able to find another home and possible a caring hand to take care of them as I have been shelter them for more than 2/3 years.

 Please think about Recycling as much as you can. Help yourself, Help your environment!
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