Monday, December 12, 2011

Cool Items in our Online Store!

We have some great items in our online store. Take time to browse, contact us if you have a question or would like to request a custom made item by visiting us @

Some of the cool items we have now: a whole collection for your Mac Book, iPad, Laptop made of Recycled Umbrellas, Ties and Leather. 
13" Laptop Sleeve $75.00
13"Laptop Sleeve $70.00

13" Laptop Sleeves

13" Mac Book Pro $55.00

13" Mac Book Pro

iPad Sleeve $35.00
iPad Sleeves

We also have some great bags, you just have to choose from the list. Made from Recycled umbrellas, tarp and organic canvas.

Marmelade  was $150.00, now $120.00

Gelee C-14 was $65.00, now $60.00
Gelee C24 was $65.00, now $60.00

Sotdo UD was $135.00, now $100.00

Free Umbrella Tote

Spend $80.00 and more and you will receive a free Umbrella Tote.
This great deal will end on December 22nd.

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