Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Poly Construction Tarp- Upcycle

You have noticed those blue Poly Tarps  wherever there is a construction. Right? Their colors may varied, sometimes they are blue, Brown, Black, Grey and/or White.

Ikea shopping bags are made out of those Poly Tarp materials as you know. 

But do you ever wonder, about what do they become after construction is over and they have no use for them?  So a few weeks ago I was on my way to the city for my volunteer work at the Green City Chalenge  event in Union Square.
Walking on my street to the train station, I saw those workers pull out the Blue tarp and suddenly I had an idea. I asked them what they were going to do with it, one of them answered "nothing,  we are done here so we don't need it. Why?", So I asked if I can have it, they were happy to get rid of it.

So a couple of days later after washing it...
 Here it is ready to be thrown away. It does look sad, don't you think so? (lol)

 Here it is now. Do you recognize that old poor Poly Tarp? Looks much happier!!

You have a beautiful Upcycled strong bag that you can carry everything your heart desire, full with pockets, easy to clean and of course water resistant.
More designs are on the way.
Film Biz Recycling donate a big piece to me as well as they also recycle
Umbrellas, Strong Poly tarp  I am so excited, so let's the fun begin!
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