Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long silence, and we are back!

I would like to say one more time a quick thank you to the European Union Women Innovators and Inventors Network (EUWINN), GWINN INT., KVENN for a beautiful and memorable ceremony. 
The Mayor in Iceland did host a welcome reception and all the finalists were there. Also since I was from NY the American ambassador, his wife and other members were there. It was a very nice event.

I was a little nervous when I did my presentation in front of the judges but other than that everything went well.

A few pics with the American  Ambassador, a picture of the president of Iceland doing his speech welcoming us follow by the prime minister of Iceland as well and below a few pics during the night of the ceremony.

I received a Special Recognition Award for my Innovative & Exceptional Creativity.

As my award takes its rightful place in my "Upcycled" life, I will treasure it as a token of inspiration, hard work, courage and acknowledgment of my journey.

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