Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer is almost Over- Welcome to Fall!

We all know that the end of summer comes much too quickly.  Now is the time to see what you have for Fall if they still fit or not or if you still want to wear the same clothes for last year!  Great, what about thinking on cleaning your closet space and upcycle your life style - just in time for FALL?  

Think: Reinvent, Redesign, Reuse, Recycle and UPCYCLE! In the wild crazy recession you know these are the best way to go!

HIMANE's Tips for Fresh Upcycling:

Plan: Set aside some time to go through your closet and pull anything you or your husband are tired of, ill fitted, hate, or never wear. For sure you have quite a few of those!!!. Put them on the side!

Organize: Pick one item at a time to Recycle, Reinvent or Upcycle. Look at that item, search deeply and find one thing you like about it. It could be the fabric, the great prints, the buttons maybe or just the style is awesome. If you cannot find anything good about it, move it on the side for now and choose something else. Do that for each and every item you pull out from your closet.

Time to think about how else an item can be used for.

Ideas: For example, a never-worn edges of mattress pads can find new life as table runners, glasses cases, or padding and reinforcement for a number of items.
Old sheets can be made into garment bags, wedding gowns or much more.
Children love to dress up. Can your clothes be given to a child for play?

From a Dress

  1. A different dress for yourself or a child
  2. A blouse for yourself or a child
  3. A child's jumper or short set
  4. A boy's shirt
  5. A pair of shorts for yourself
  6. A top to wear with pants
From a Skirt
  1. A child's dress
  2. A child's skirt 
  3. A child's coat or jacket if the skirt is heavy fabric
  4. A blouse or vest for yourself
From a Man's Suit
  1. A skirt or  a jacket for yourself
  2. A jumper for yourself or a child
  3. A child's coat or jacket
From a Coat
  1. A jacket for yourself
  2. A child's coat or jacket
  3. A jumper for yourself or a child
  4. A Tote or handbag for yourself and your child
From a Man's Shirt
  1. A child's skirt, dress or blouse
  2. A dress or top for yourself
  3. A Tote for yourself and your child

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