Thursday, May 26, 2011

Iceland, Reykjavik, Last day- May 25 2011

So, I decided to leave beautiful Iceland, Reykjavik today just to be on the safe side since flights to NY are still operating and also because we don't know what might happen next when the wind start blowing because of the ashes from the Volcano and all. So I will be leaving this afternoon ):(

This morning some wonderful and powerful women came to visit to see my work and I was so happy to see them. Thank you Elinora, Margret, Sofie and Hulda, it was such a pleasure and looking forward to seeing you again.
 Receiving from Dear Margret an Ave Maria CD, another CD and DVD of Hatidin Heilsar (my translation is not that good, but I think it means Health Festival, yes I purchase an Icelandic/English book)

 With Elinora, my God she bought me a box full of Fishes skin. When I was looking at those at the art store yesterday, she was not even close and had no idea to know that I wanted to have them and here it is the next day, that beautiful, good heart woman knew exactly what I was dreaming off and bought me what my heart desire the most. Thank you Elinora. I will be sending some great pictures of my designs your way to see what I did with those those skins.  Þakka þér svo kærlega fyrir að mikil gjöf. Þakka þér.
 Talking about my designs and doing some demonstration. This Fourre Tout is made of discarded umbrella and recycled jeans. (SOLD)
 This clutch is made of recycled yoga mat.
Sofie looks so hot and great in my Femi top. Beautiful person, so positive, charming and wonderful. (Sold)
 Yes, she bought it and as you can see she is so happy!
 Well, Margret love them all!

 Group pics as it is getting close to say goodbye.
 Hulda and I brainstorming on new ideas for my Wilma clutches. You are wonderful Hulda! Thank you.

 That's it, the Shuttle Service bus came to pick me and we are on the road to the Airport. My heart is crying, feeling so sad and feeling so unhappy suddenly. I just cannot explain this. I travel to so many places before; Paris, Germany/Frankfurt/Berlin, Holland, Curacao, Aruba, St- Martin, Bonaire, Panama and Venezuela but never feel this way. I feel that I am leaving part of me behind and just cannot explain it!
Passing The Reykjavík Summit House, where President Reagan met with Mikhail Gorbachev in 1986.

 Arriving at the Airport!

 Leaving Iceland. Up in the air. Bye!
 Beautiful view from up there. Really, never paid any attention before.

 Approaching NY after 5 hours and 15 mns.
 Landing at JFK Airport.
Visiting Iceland change something in me, deep, deep inside of me. I am so glad for taking that (short) trip. I have a lot of great ideas and looking forward to start working tomorrow with my fish skins and the lavastones I received.

Hope you did enjoy the pics I shared with you as much I enjoyed my trip to the far away beautiful magic land.

Bye now and come back soon to visit and read  my blog again soon. I will be posting some new inspiring work pics influenced by my trip, the people and places of Iceland.
Þangað til næst. Bless bless

I need to say thanks to my dear brother Johnny (love you so much) and his company Meditel, S.A., my dear friend and sister Rhomy from Tristan World Travel/T-Zell and childhood friend and brother Jean-Mayard who made this trip possible. Thank you to you all, for believing in my work and for your support.

Remember You can make the impossible, possible! Just have to believe.
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