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Iceland, Reykjavik, Day 3 May 24 2011

My third day in Iceland, Reykjavik, God I am so loving it here. The peacefulness, the clam, the fresh air, looking at the beautiful mountain that is so remind me of Home.
Because of the brightness throughout the day I go to bed late, a little after  1 am and only when I put the shade down. Because when you like outside it feels like it is still 6 or 7pm and in June they will have 24 hours Sunlight. Oh God, would like to see that. At noon my new friend came by for coffee, to see my work, talk about recycle products and different type of materials we can use and we left for a walk. A little breezy but not that cold, very sunny and beautiful. The Volcano? Oh we are not even close and have no clue where the eruption was, so I am so not worry about that.
My dear friend went back to his hotel and I continued my walk.
Enjoy the pictures.

 The HARPA house, one of the place for the EUWINN event, beautiful . A little group of us will be having diner there tonight. Lovely!
  Ingolfur Arnarsson, the first Nordic settler in Iceland. According to Landnáma he built his homestead in (and gave name to) Reykjavík in 874

 House of Cultures. I was not allowed to take pictures of the exhibition of course, so below are a couple of  pics.

 One of their movie theater.
 A theatre
 My destination for today, that far, far away pic. Come on, let's walk with me!
Oh, an art store! Those my friends are fishes skin, they are so soft. Love it I would have love to buy them all. Have so much ideas running in my head now. Ok next time maybe!
 A Ceramic shop. I am going inside. Love ceramics.
This is the oldest Ceramic shop in Iceland, has been in the generation for years, the grandson  Mr. Einarsson (the word son after all men name in Iceland means the son of..., so in it's case Einarsson means the son of Einar) owns the shop now.

 Mr. Einarsson at work. Some of the pictures are showing  part of the process (not all of course), incomplete and complete. He was nice enough to offer me a few lavastones and of course I purchased one of the small Volcano candle holder.

 Those Vikings are so tall, (lol) look at me I look like a tiny little woman next to him :). He was very nice. Thank you Mr. Einarsson for the stones.
 My destination, The Hallgrímskirkja church, 244 ft whoa just amazing. The tallest building in Iceland, this Lutheran Chuch. Learn about the story here:
 The statue of Leifr Eiríksson, you can read about him here:
 Inside of the Church.
 On my way to the tower, 8th floor to see the view up there.
 Close pics from way up. Took a lot but only are posting a couple. Was very breezy and stay only a few minutes and rushed down.

 7:00 pm, in front of the Harpa going to diner with Elinora and Sofie from Greeland. 2 beautiful and nice women. So glad I met them! I am wearing my umbrella dress, my upcycle Vintage jacket and carrying my Wilma clutch made of recycled umbrella and scrap of leather.
 Joined by 3 other people from Italy and Germany. Lovey people! a very well international group.

 The aperitif, forgot the name but it was so yummy, the right thing to get you started.
Main course, grilled Squid and Langoustines. Oh my God, I could have 3 more like this. So good and did enjoy every single bite. Thank you Elinora.
 Sofie, had Cod fish with some other.... don't remember the names but she said it was delicious.
 The Salmon Salad of Elinora with cucumber and other..... Sorry I am good on eating not remembering names. She said it was more than good and I took her words for it!
 The Icelandic tiramisu version, which they do right in front of you step by step. Was delicious.
 On our way out from the Harpa. The sitting area, relax with some good Icelandic beer, (had one and it is gooooood) glass or wine or else, just to chill or while waiting for your table.
 Nice little cozy cafe in the entrance of the Harpa House. The main lobby.
After diner,  on our way now to a women choir Concert.

All girls and women from the ages of 6 to 80 years old.

Margret, the conductor, such a lovely soul, positive energy, full of charm and a lovely, lovely person. I was taking away by the performance. Learn from her work here
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