Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Iceland, Reykjavik, Day 2 May 23rd 2011

Iceland, Volcano Eruption, fear, questions, Travel and all. We all are aware of what is going on and unfortunately since people are very concern, the organizers had no choice other than cancel the event. There are 5 of us who already made it to Reykjavik to be frank if people do not tell you what is going on, you will never know because the volcano eruption is so far away from the city. My mother used to say, always try to turn a bad situation into a good one and I am planning to do just that.
I was in my little apartment studio all day getting things ready for the conference and as soon as I found out it was canceled, I got in contact with the local Representative here, to the UK organizers as well and after took an Icelandic shower (will get to that later, lol) and out I go. A little chilly for a summer but it will do as I am wearing my new convertible bag/umbrella spring coat!
I visited a store/shop where they used the LAVASTONE  and turn them into beautiful jewelry pieces. Could not believe my eyes and while there I met a very nice man, an architect  from Norway using only recycle materials also, guest what? No no Umbrella (lol), coconut! Yes, coconut to make tile floor. I am telling you we are smart people, who will ever think about that. Anyway we spent 2 hours talking with the owner of the place and I help him (really asked me) choose a piece of jewelry for his wife. (Hope she will like it, lol)

Here are some pics for day 2. Enjoy!

All those beautiful pieces below are made from lavastones.

 Some of the stones have been reworked around and some they used it just raw. Beautiful. Love nature

 The display inside the store.
 Here you have Hrannar from the store (white t-shirt) and Per  (pronounce Pear) the architect.
 Posing with Per, he could not believe that my jacket was made out of recycled umbrellas and he is using coconut  to design floor. Go figure.

 Coconut. We have so many in Haiti. I even talked him about making a trip to my country. Let's wait and see!

 Ok back to the lavastone! Here you have the raw stones.
 Where they have been burned to get the dark color below and cast.

 Those pieces are within the natural color and was not been burned compared to those on top, and the raw piece in the center was the one dear Hrannar was nice enough to offer me as a souvenir.
 The man behind the creativity of those beautiful designs.

Went to eat after for a walk. Believe it or not I took those pictures below around 10 pm. Do you see how bright it is? The sun goes down around midnight and you will think it is only 6 pm.
All stores close here at 6pm, restaurants and bars open at 5pm until 3 or 4 in the morning I have been told.

Love the originality of the stores so here are some pics.

Walking around at 11 pm. Just wanted to take some pics, because I could not believe how bright it was still.

I love the way they use their resources on practically everything.

Bye now!
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