Monday, May 23, 2011

Iceland, Reykjavik, 1st Day May 22nd 2011

As all of you must know by now I have been nominated for a Recognition Award regarding my  recycled designs using umbrella by the International European Women Innovators and Inventors and there will be an eco fashion show as well.
I arrived in Iceland at 6:20 am (1:30 am ET) and felt in love with this place instantly. The place were I will be staying at, Welcome Apartments in Reykjavik had sent a Shuttle Service bus to pick me up. The driver was the nicest person I ever met, full of info, withing 20 mns and the 60 minutes drive from the Airport to the city I knew all the Islandic pertaining story possible. Here some pics I took while driving.
Well I can say that I have been to Mars (lol). Pictures cannot show what I saw or to describe it. Pure paradise. So lovely!!!

The boat
(above) that carry all the aluminium to the factory  (below) to be melt and turn into utensils and other stuff.

 Some little farms along the road.

The first town before the city. Beautiful.
 Entering the city. Reykjavik

 The place I will be calling home for the next few days. So clean, so fresh and so natural. (lol)

My little studio apartment, better than an hotel, much, very much cheaper than an hotel room. Yes, it is exactly just like that: little kitchen area, sleeping area (2 twin size beds together and are detachable), night stand, flat TV (will be able to watch some, since I don't have one in NY. No I don't, what for anyway. I do have Netflix for all documentaries and movies, NPR/WNYC & WBAI for News thank you)

 Those 3 pics above are places located in the back of the Apartment building.

After some great 6 hours of sleep, well deserve I went for a little walk and some grocery shopping.
 The Embassy of India and right across you have the Reykjavik Art Gallery. Pictures below.

 Walking by the highway. This is the most friendly highway I never been, you can cross it with no problem. Unbelievable!

 The Polar Bear store in Downtown and some stores below.

 Beautiful Iron boat.

 Those 3 pictures below were thinking while inside of the beautiful Reykjavik Art Gallery. Of course no pics of the painting were allowed.

 Some people chilling in the balcony of their flat! Lovely!

 I asked a nice couple from Sweden to take those pics of me. Very nice people, spend a few minutes talking to them and have been invited to have tea with them tomorrow. Looking forward to it. 
That's it for today about my first day in Beautiful Iceland, while they are talking about Volcano eruption.
All flights will resume Monday at 6:00pm which will be close to midnight ET.
Ciao for now.
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