Friday, October 29, 2010

And We are Back!

Sorry for the long silence!
A lot of things have been going on: trip to Haiti, working on new designs, new website coming up, working with another company (more details later) to create more eco friendly designs and much more. Interview with WNYC/NPR, ZDF (German TV), CNN International and R7 (Brazilian TV)
Since I cannot leave you out any longer so I wanted to share with you some of the work. Most of them will be in the new site for you to shop, just one more week to go.

From HIMANE' studio to you:  The Sophia Jacket Collection (S, M, L). One of a kind, made of recycled materials like: shirts, suits, dead stock and silk organic hemp.
The Wilma Clutch collection, made of recycled umbrella, Vegan leather and remnants of leather.
from this old shirt to ----------->   a beautiful tailored Jacket! Fabrics are cotton (shirt) and recycled  wool.

The Sophia Jacket collection you can dress them up or down depend of your mood. Wear it with your skinny jeans, tights, your mini skirt or just wear it for that corporate look. It is up to you, just make it work.

Plaid fabric was from a dead stock from a factory and the black fabric is organic silk Hemp.
Re-claimed Fabrics not sure about the content but the type of silk and rayon.

Note: A large portion of fabrics use in our designs are from recycled or/and re-claimed materials for which the fiber content is not always know.  If it is not know it will be referred as "fabric type" which means we will state what we believe it to be. Please bare in mind this cannot always be accurate. Thank you. 

The WILMA Clutches collection made of recycled umbrella (body), remnants of leather (ties and flap) and Vegan Leather. Lined with silk, rayon and/or cotton. The collection come in 3 different sizes; small 13"X8", medium 15"X8" and large 17.5"X8.5"


Thanks to Victoria and Patricia, you ladies are great and it is a pleasure working with you.

Until next week.
Have a great weekend!
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