Friday, July 9, 2010

Trip to Philly-Umbrellas pick-up

Dutch Umbrella in Philly have been supporting our  work very closely. Not only we will be making totes from their own discarded umbrellas, they also did conduct an Umbrella drive during the month of June, Independent Retail Week for HIMANE.
My visit to Philly on June 18th 
In Karen Rostmeyer words:
Catherine Charlot of Himane takes time before heading back to NYC to breakdown the nearly 100 umbrellas Dutch Umbrella donated during Independent Retail Week in Philadelphia. I was amazed at how quickly she could break them down!
What  I do with your "retired" Umbrellas materials among other things.
If you are in Philly and would like to donate your old umbrella, contact Dutch Umbrella or you can do exactly that "see below".
Dutch Umbrella
In Philadelphia we'll collect your broken umbrella and get it to Himane. Just leave it at a RainDrop and we'll take it with us when we restock at the beginning of every month.
Those little guys from the umbrellas are also recycled and reused as accessories/art items in many different ways.

Support our effort and let's recycle together. Before putting this old umbrella into the trash can, think about the environment and our landfills.

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