Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Sound and music vibe in NYC Subways

Our first "Trashy Chic Thursdays" was a success last night. Most of those who confirmed did not show and those who didn't  show up. It was great, we had some fun, made a few sales and everyone was happy.
Pictures will be posted as we received them.

Today I decided to stay in, a break well deserved.
Later in the afternoon I went to the studio  to collect some pieces that needed to be delivered to BTJ and head out to Williamsburg for a little stroll and fun.
While walking on Eastern Parkway to the Subway. Beautiful

 The free entertainment in NYC Subways. Just amazing!
While on 14th street station Union Square, a group of 3 men were playing beautiful music from the  70's, at another platform another young man was all Bob Marley, another platform two gentlemen were all about Michael Jackson and the last one, was an African singer/player as you can see below. The beat was so great and tempting  I even dance to the beat. I did enjoy them all but the African beat was something else and just by the look and the attention of the other commuters it said it all.

Even I could not understand what he was saying the beautiful smile on his face, the melody and the beat was wonderful and I just cannot describe it.
Walking the subways of NYC you have seen it all, and what better entertainment can you get and for free!

Have a great Saturday and see you soon!
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