Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our TRASHY CHIC THURSDAY @ Linger Cafe & Lounge June 3rd, 2010

Join us on Thursday, June 3rd for our fist "Trashy Chic Thursday" at Linger Cafe & Lounge.
Opening Reception 7:30 to 8:00 pm, follow by a Fashion Show at 8:00 pm of Haitian Designer Catherine E. Charlot of HIMANE and Stephanie Huffaker of Garbage of Eden.
The two designers will introduce their apparel and accessories designs made using recycled old clothes, discarded umbrellas and plastic bags.

Trashy Chic Thursday is a monthly  party/exhibition series introducing the work of local artists and designers who focus on recycled materials while supporting and important cause ( Come check out the excitement (and the excellent food!) at Linger Cafe & Lounge, located at 533 Atlantic Ave between 3rd & 4th ave.

All items will be on sale, 30% of your purchase will go to support the Collective Hands Foundation ( in their effort to promote recycling program in schools and to help build and sustain a unique art and design school in Haiti. 

Still not convinced of what we can do with your "TRASH"? We have more to show you on Thursday June 3rd.

Stay tuned for more "Trashy Chic Thursdays" as we keep coming with our blow out coverage of different events.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


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