Friday, April 2, 2010

The Weeks in Review- March 11th to March 31st, 2010

Due to my crazy schedule, I have not been able to do any update.
I wanted to brief you very quickly on the latest news for the past few weeks.

The night before at Linger Cafe, just to fix a few paintings.

Some pictures of the event's night on March 11th.

 Michele (left) the owner of La Talaye Catering (check the website) and Jessica the owner of Linger Cafe Lounge (pick a boo at her website).
Thank you ladies, with your great cooking you made the night a success.

 March 17th, I met with the President and Program Director of the  Advocacy Lab (check their website). Prior to our meeting their Program Director contacted me and offer me to be a part of their effort and programs with different schools, which will  focus on Human rights issue of poverty, specifically in Haiti in the aftermath of the tragic earthquake. The students will be focusing on art and activism, and will be making a huge display with the letters "Empower Haiti". Found it very lovely.
Pictures of our meeting.

I met a great woman, the owner of Stevie's Artisans, at our event on the 11th of March.
We met on the 20th of March and agreed to join forces as our companies will be a great support to each other. Will  share with you later some great news. STAY TUNED!!!!

March 22nd met at my studio in Brooklyn with the Program Director of the Advocacy Lab, Marissa G.V. they need some fabrics for their schools program and I want to donate some scraps of fabrics for the students Empower Haiti project. Also I have been invited to visit, work and to do a speech in a couple of weeks at one of the school in Brooklyn. Exciting.

March 24th have been invited to attend the New York Women's Foundation event. A link about their foundation (
Did invite Stephanie Trudeau from Stevie's Artisans to come along since we had some business deal to discuss. Had a great time and met a few of the women from the organization. Very lovely ladies.
A few pictures of the ladies belong to the organization.

A soggy month of March left a plethora of broken umbrellas on the city’s streets and in its trash cans and I have been very busy collecting them. Some dear friends and colleagues were nice enough to also collect them for me and I did receive a few as donation as well.
Pictures of those forgotten jewels.

Beatrix (left) an artist from the building collected 6 umbrellas this week and Mary (right) another designer found on  Wednesday those 2 "goodies" and brought them at the studio.
So the total of umbrellas I collected for the month of March  was 113. Very good, so exciting.
For all the support, and donations to you all I want to say thank you.
So happy to have "you" in my life.
Thank you!!!!
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