Saturday, April 3, 2010

Donations- Cereals boxes and other using as Tags.

A dear teacher/designer found my contact via a client/designer, had a bag full of scraps of fabrics to donate which she collected from another designer and a "retired" umbrella.
I collected everything this morning on my way to the studio. Beautiful and very interesting scraps of materials. Pictures are not very clear but believe me when I told you the fabrics are amazing.

Found a beautiful little shopping bag in front of my studio door this morning. Surprise! 3 umbrellas nicely folded inside, donated by a good person whom I have no idea who he or she might be. Thank you whomever you are.

Since my designs and work have been focusing on recycle and waste reduction, a year ago I decided to use light cardboard boxes (cookies, cereals, oatmeal and others) as my clothing and accessories info/price tags. Had my stamps made, been collected boxes from friends and other people before they discarded them. The stores I deal with of course love the idea, find it very original and today I have a total of 150 boxes in my studio. Here a few pics.

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