Friday, November 13, 2009

Deconstructing an Upcycled Shirt

These pictures feature Lize, who was modeling one of our signature upcycled shirts at a recent event hosted by The Green Spa & Wellness Center in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Below, I (Catherine Charlot) explain how I used discarded and donated materials to create this particular piece.

This upcycled piece is made from a men's recycled, unworn shirt that was donated to me, and I chose to re-create it into a beautiful woman's top.

To accentuate the design, I used a broken umbrella piece to give it a very unique and sexy look. Yes, the magenta front piece was taken from a broken, discarded umbrella.

The side bow is made using the sleeves from the men's shirt, and the back yoke is from the inside of the shirt. If you look closely at the photographs, you will notice two different tones of fabrics, because I used the inside and outside of the shirt.

When you are creating, you just have to let your imagination guide you, let it flow and be creative. As for me, everything I am upcycling has to be extraordinary, breathtaking, and of course unique, whether it is custom-designed apparel or accessories.

Special thanks to Lize for being a part of our event, Natalie Marcoux for the photographs, and The Green Spa & Wellness Center for hosting the event.

Keep HIMANE in mind if you want your old clothes and/or umbrellas to find new life as upcycled, eco-friendly fashion!

Also remember: something is always better the second time around! Have a great weekend!
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