Monday, November 21, 2011

Soil as Fabric Dye? Earth Dyeing Hits Pay Dirt

Did you ever look at dirt and think about can I do with that?

No? Well it goes, dirt may seem like an unusual starting point for a clothing collection, but Hyun Jin Jeong of Earth Dyeing is doing just that. As novel as it sounds, the technique isn’t new—people have been using soil to imbue their garments with vibrant reds and balmy yellows for centuries. Ancient and mostly forgotten, the art of earth dyeing uses soil from different geographic regions to create a varied if subtle color palette. Chemicals in the textile-dyeing industry have a troubling legacy, Jeong says, but natural dyes are often seen as niche or impractical.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recycled Coir (Coconut husk) into Vegan Friendly Outwear!

I came across this article on ecouterre website and I was so thrilled to read about it.
Nau (pronounce Now) a sustainable company located in Portland, is using the coconut husk (Coir) material in their jacket. Great!!!!
 Here it is one of their alpine jacket, insulated with a recycled polyester/COCONA blend that's derived from coconut husks.

Not only the Coconut husk (Coir) have being recycled and using for making finer brushes, string, rope, fishing nets, packaging and also to design Floor but now they are Upcycling it into fine materials as well. VERY COOL.

Being from the Caribbean, we have plenty of coconut trees, (love to eat the coconut flesh inside and drink the coconut water, it was so good and refreshing).

Memories, great times I do much miss quite a lot. Also, things I do remember seeing people do with the coconut palm, the fiber, the hard shell growing up in Haiti was unbelievable. I would have never guess that one day it will be used inside of a  jacket. So little did I know then.
A little info about Coir/ Coconut fiber:

Coconut fiber or coir is natural fiber taken from by product of coconut husk  (pictures above) then cleaned and compressed into bales. (pictures below)

Coconut fiber belongs to the category fibers/fibrous materials, Coconut fiber is obtained from the fibrous husk (mesocarp) of the coconut (Cocos nucifera) from the coconut palm, which belongs to the palm family (Palmae). Coconut fibers have high lining content and thus low cellulose content, as a result of which it is resilient, strong and highly durable. The remarkable lightness of the fibers is due to the cavities arising from the dried out sieve cells. Coconut fiber is the only fruit fiber usable in the textile industry. Coir is obtained by ratting for up to 10 months in water followed by sun-drying.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

HIMANE is on OPRAH Magazine!

I knew the O Magazine was supposed to hit the stands late November but not so soon.

I got a phone call around 12:15 from a client, follow by almost 100 more, friends, clients and other people. I was speechless and happy for sure because of the way people did react to the article and the idea of reusing discarded umbrellas.

Made from discarded umbrellas. Easy to store, great for travel and perfect as an extra bag. Other colors available or have one customize just for you. Email us or cal us for detail.

Made from recycled Sunbrella (Sunbrella is the material used in patio, beach umbrella, Canopy) combine with Jute materials. Great Tote to have. (SOLD OUT)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Poly Construction Tarp- Upcycle

You have noticed those blue Poly Tarps  wherever there is a construction. Right? Their colors may varied, sometimes they are blue, Brown, Black, Grey and/or White.

Ikea shopping bags are made out of those Poly Tarp materials as you know. 

But do you ever wonder, about what do they become after construction is over and they have no use for them?  So a few weeks ago I was on my way to the city for my volunteer work at the Green City Chalenge  event in Union Square.
Walking on my street to the train station, I saw those workers pull out the Blue tarp and suddenly I had an idea. I asked them what they were going to do with it, one of them answered "nothing,  we are done here so we don't need it. Why?", So I asked if I can have it, they were happy to get rid of it.

So a couple of days later after washing it...
 Here it is ready to be thrown away. It does look sad, don't you think so? (lol)

 Here it is now. Do you recognize that old poor Poly Tarp? Looks much happier!!

You have a beautiful Upcycled strong bag that you can carry everything your heart desire, full with pockets, easy to clean and of course water resistant.
More designs are on the way.
Film Biz Recycling donate a big piece to me as well as they also recycle
Umbrellas, Strong Poly tarp  I am so excited, so let's the fun begin!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long silence, and we are back!

I would like to say one more time a quick thank you to the European Union Women Innovators and Inventors Network (EUWINN), GWINN INT., KVENN for a beautiful and memorable ceremony. 
The Mayor in Iceland did host a welcome reception and all the finalists were there. Also since I was from NY the American ambassador, his wife and other members were there. It was a very nice event.

I was a little nervous when I did my presentation in front of the judges but other than that everything went well.

A few pics with the American  Ambassador, a picture of the president of Iceland doing his speech welcoming us follow by the prime minister of Iceland as well and below a few pics during the night of the ceremony.

I received a Special Recognition Award for my Innovative & Exceptional Creativity.

As my award takes its rightful place in my "Upcycled" life, I will treasure it as a token of inspiration, hard work, courage and acknowledgment of my journey.