Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Salmon Leather: A Fishy Fabric, But Will Designers Take the Bait?



A dyeable textile made from salmon skin—a byproduct of the fish processing industry that usually gets tossed into the landfill—using chemicals that are less toxic than those for tanning mammal hides because fish scales are easier to remove from skin than hair. (Note: no new salmon is killed expressly for its skin.) b: A resilient fabric that is stronger than most land leathers—and does not smell like fish. c: A reliable, affordable source of “sea leather” used by companies such as ES Salmon Leather, One October, Unnurwear, and Skini London in clothing, accessories, furnishing, home decor, and even bikinis.


Salmon leather was recently used in the form of die-cut paillettes by fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi to create an entire ensemble (jacket, dress, open-back shoes) for the Nature Conservancy’s “Design for a Living World” exhibition at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York City.

 by Jasmin Malik Chua

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Upcycle 101- Changing the purpose of an Item

Instead of getting new clothes or throwing out the family old ones, why not try to UPCYCLING them into great, beautiful usable additions items to your wardrobe!

 Here are some great ideas for things that can be made:
1- From a Dress

2- From a Skirt (Depends on the size of the skirt)

3-From men shirts

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Our first Trashy Chic event Pictures

The June 3rd event at Linger Cafe & Lounge was our first "Trashy Chic" Thursday. Why Trashy Chic? We came up with the moniker because it characterizes what we do. We design our crafts by recycling discarded remnants of materials (umbrellas, old garments, plastic bags, found objects and more). In a nutshell, this is the rationale behind Trashy Chic”. 
At our first presentation, I was joined by the very talented and outstanding Stephanie Huffaker who makes jewelry out of discarded plastic bags. Those present were in awe at the ingenuity behind her work, and the symbiosis between dresses and jewelry made out of discarded materials was needless to say inescapable.
 Stay tune for more exciting "Trashy Chic" events.
Here are some pictures of the event, enjoy.

Laiza is wearing a dress made of recycled men shirt, and the old collar is been used as accessories. Her bangles are made of discarded plastic bags of Garbage of Eden.

Natalie is wearing a skirt made of men recycled sleeve shirts.
Abby is wearing a dress made of recycled  men trousers and recycled tie.

Abby is wearing a top made of recycled men shirt.

Stephanie of Garbage of Eden is wearing a dress made of umbrellas and organic Hemp.

I am wearing a dress made of recycled men trousers and I added a beautiful scrap of lace to accentuate the look. My bangles and ring are of Garbage of Eden made of recycled plastic bags.

Laiza is wearing a top made of a recycled men shirt and the insert is from a recycled umbrella.

Natalie is wearing a dress made of recycled materials, the front piece and tie are from a men trousers.

Sebila is wearing a dress made of recycled cotton and silk and her jewelries are of Garbage of Eden.

Laiza is wearing a dress made of recycled materials. 100% cotton.

Phoebe dress is made of recycled materials and her tote is made of recycled umbrella and upholstery materials.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7 Eco-Friendly Sandals To Kick Off Summer in Style (ecouterre)

They look so comfy and I need one.

Kick off those restrictive, cool-weather bindings—hello, it is the 21st century—and slip your tootsies into something with plenty of room to breathe. Above, a pair of eco-certified leather sandals ($85) from Simple Shoes

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flip-Flops Made From Recycled Chopsticks

Months ago (almost a year now), I started collecting chopsticks, don't ask me why, I look at them and think I might do something later with them. Going to Chance Bistro or Em Thai Restaurant on Smith Street for lunch,  I will leave with a bunch of used chopsticks. The waitress at Chance will ask me why am I collecting them and my answer will always be don't know yet but when I do I will let you know. By the way the food at both locations are great. Check them out if you are in Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens area.

I came across this article in ecouterre, could not believe it but find the idea super brilliant!
Palmer created a pair of surf-and-sand-ready flip-flops from completely recycled materials (we think; more on that later). Composed of chopsticks salvaged from a dumpster behind a Japanese restaurant, cork from an old bulletin board, and leather straps from a discarded bag...

Stay tuned for more great and beautiful ideas !!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Sound and music vibe in NYC Subways

Our first "Trashy Chic Thursdays" was a success last night. Most of those who confirmed did not show and those who didn't  show up. It was great, we had some fun, made a few sales and everyone was happy.
Pictures will be posted as we received them.

Today I decided to stay in, a break well deserved.
Later in the afternoon I went to the studio  to collect some pieces that needed to be delivered to BTJ and head out to Williamsburg for a little stroll and fun.
While walking on Eastern Parkway to the Subway. Beautiful

 The free entertainment in NYC Subways. Just amazing!
While on 14th street station Union Square, a group of 3 men were playing beautiful music from the  70's, at another platform another young man was all Bob Marley, another platform two gentlemen were all about Michael Jackson and the last one, was an African singer/player as you can see below. The beat was so great and tempting  I even dance to the beat. I did enjoy them all but the African beat was something else and just by the look and the attention of the other commuters it said it all.

Even I could not understand what he was saying the beautiful smile on his face, the melody and the beat was wonderful and I just cannot describe it.
Walking the subways of NYC you have seen it all, and what better entertainment can you get and for free!

Have a great Saturday and see you soon!