Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hot Saturdays @ Linger Cafe & Lounge, Kicks off Saturday April, 24, 2010

C.H.Foundation in collaboration with Stevie's Artisans, present a series of Hot Saturdays at Linger Cafe & Lounge, 533 Atlantic, (betw 3rd & 4th Ave) The series kicks off Saturday, April 24, 7 to 10pm with a Fashion Show presentation of Dominican artist and designer Ivette Urbaez's original silk screened fashions.
 Hot Saturdays promotes and introduces the work of emerging artists and designers in a fun get together/networking event that includes music and good food.
 A raffle will be held to benefit the Collective Hands Foundation: aid to art education. Donated raffle items include a tote bag designed by Ivette Urbaez, a Stevie's Artisans jewelry item and a unique design by Catherine Charlot.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Artistic Journey in Brooklyn - Saturday, April 3, 2010

My dear friend Pauline, whom I have not seen in a while, decided to meet me this Saturday to enjoy a beautiful day in Brooklyn through art.

First, we went to Linger Cafe Lounge for brunch, where we had an exquisite meal. This is one of my favorite places to unwind in Brooklyn.

After brunch we went two doors down to the new de Castellane Gallery, where Rowland Scherman's incredible life's work behind the camera is currently being featured. Scherman's camera captured images of legends such as Sammy Davis Jr., Bob Dylan, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, The Beatles, Woody Allen, and many others. Also featured in the gallery is a collection of other artists' work, including those of the owner, Hans de Castellane. The other artists include: Michael Tharp, Cortne Lanier, Alex Yudzon, Ted Dimond, Alexis Winslow, Taylor Fox, Jenny Pope, Cindy Vallino and Lau Gallico.

Here are just a few pictures I took at the de Castellane Gallery.

Some of Rowland Scherman's beautiful pictures on display.
Hans de Castellane, the owner of the Gallery, posing in front of his work.

de Castellane paintings

Hans with my friend Pauline
With Hans
 Rowland Scherman (front) with Hans.
With artist Lau Gallico,
 posing by her work while joking around. What a lovely lady!
Art by Cindy Vallino

Toki  the cat, was an observer as well. He is at the Gallery everyday with his dad, Hans de Castellane.

Pauline posing by the pictures of the late Robert Kennedy, by Rowland Scherman.

My friend and I were surprised to discover that the lady with the tea cup is a young Barbara Walters, during her early days at NBC in the 60's.

We finished our lovely Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum. The first Saturday of the month permit visitors to participate and witness free events, such as live music, movies, lectures, new art exhibits and more. Check it out you---you won't regret it!
 The following pictures chronicle our wonderful experiences at the museum. 

When we entered the Rubin Pavilion, we were greeted by a wonderful performance by Zikrayat, who performed music inspired by Egypt's golden age of musical cinema.

We also saw mummies in the Egyptian collection in the first floor. This mummy is significant because the person inside was not Egyptian; he was Greek. A small portrait of the man where his head used to be! We also visited the African collection!

It was a lovely day very instructive, relaxing, enjoying the company of a good friend. Enjoy the pictures and think of taking a day off to enjoy the beauty around you, even if it is in your own neighborhood!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Donations- Cereals boxes and other using as Tags.

A dear teacher/designer found my contact via a client/designer, had a bag full of scraps of fabrics to donate which she collected from another designer and a "retired" umbrella.
I collected everything this morning on my way to the studio. Beautiful and very interesting scraps of materials. Pictures are not very clear but believe me when I told you the fabrics are amazing.

Found a beautiful little shopping bag in front of my studio door this morning. Surprise! 3 umbrellas nicely folded inside, donated by a good person whom I have no idea who he or she might be. Thank you whomever you are.

Since my designs and work have been focusing on recycle and waste reduction, a year ago I decided to use light cardboard boxes (cookies, cereals, oatmeal and others) as my clothing and accessories info/price tags. Had my stamps made, been collected boxes from friends and other people before they discarded them. The stores I deal with of course love the idea, find it very original and today I have a total of 150 boxes in my studio. Here a few pics.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Weeks in Review- March 11th to March 31st, 2010

Due to my crazy schedule, I have not been able to do any update.
I wanted to brief you very quickly on the latest news for the past few weeks.

The night before at Linger Cafe, just to fix a few paintings.

Some pictures of the event's night on March 11th.

 Michele (left) the owner of La Talaye Catering (check the website) and Jessica the owner of Linger Cafe Lounge (pick a boo at her website).
Thank you ladies, with your great cooking you made the night a success.

 March 17th, I met with the President and Program Director of the  Advocacy Lab (check their website). Prior to our meeting their Program Director contacted me and offer me to be a part of their effort and programs with different schools, which will  focus on Human rights issue of poverty, specifically in Haiti in the aftermath of the tragic earthquake. The students will be focusing on art and activism, and will be making a huge display with the letters "Empower Haiti". Found it very lovely.
Pictures of our meeting.

I met a great woman, the owner of Stevie's Artisans, at our event on the 11th of March.
We met on the 20th of March and agreed to join forces as our companies will be a great support to each other. Will  share with you later some great news. STAY TUNED!!!!

March 22nd met at my studio in Brooklyn with the Program Director of the Advocacy Lab, Marissa G.V. they need some fabrics for their schools program and I want to donate some scraps of fabrics for the students Empower Haiti project. Also I have been invited to visit, work and to do a speech in a couple of weeks at one of the school in Brooklyn. Exciting.

March 24th have been invited to attend the New York Women's Foundation event. A link about their foundation (
Did invite Stephanie Trudeau from Stevie's Artisans to come along since we had some business deal to discuss. Had a great time and met a few of the women from the organization. Very lovely ladies.
A few pictures of the ladies belong to the organization.

A soggy month of March left a plethora of broken umbrellas on the city’s streets and in its trash cans and I have been very busy collecting them. Some dear friends and colleagues were nice enough to also collect them for me and I did receive a few as donation as well.
Pictures of those forgotten jewels.

Beatrix (left) an artist from the building collected 6 umbrellas this week and Mary (right) another designer found on  Wednesday those 2 "goodies" and brought them at the studio.
So the total of umbrellas I collected for the month of March  was 113. Very good, so exciting.
For all the support, and donations to you all I want to say thank you.
So happy to have "you" in my life.
Thank you!!!!